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Armchair Safari

In an online fantasy game where players adventure for real money, Megan Evans just made the score of a lifetime.  But what will the jackpot’s owners do to get it back?

The Hazards of War

When a Nazi soldier is found dead at her family’s winery, Gabrielle Conti must match wits with SS Captain Hans Tiedemann if she is to save her family from a brutal murder investigation.

The House That Jack Built

Nate Merritt just inherited a derelict Southern mansion and decides to flip it for a quick buck.  Too bad he has no skills, and that doesn’t sit well with the ghost who dwells there.


Jason Bourne meets Groundhog day in this fast-paced, hilarious thriller. Time traveler Michael Gantt has to stop a nuclear bomb from wiping out New York City. But is he the one who set it off in the first place?


Escape Velocity

A remote colony gone silent. A rescue team sent to help. But who will save the saviors? An action-packed science fiction series in the spirit of Marko Kloos (Frontlines) and James S.A. Corey (The Expanse).

Vacuum Pressure

Two unlikely allies may hold the key to saving a planet. That is, if the government doesn’t kill them first. Join Wyatt, Laramie, and Chris as they race against the clock to save humanity in this exciting sequel.

Surface Tension

As their strike force regroups, Wyatt uncovers what might be the greatest conspiracy ever known. Little does he realize that Chris and Laramie’s lives just may hinge on an alliance with the very people they’ve been fighting.

Heat Signature

Wyatt may finally uncover the truth about constriction. But will it be too late to hold together a fragile alliance and save Juliet? (Coming soon.)


Outer Rim Roughriders

Captain Noah Denson and his crew must juggle two conflicting missions that could ultimately cost them their lives. Perfect for fans of Firefly or Andor.

Sidewinder Hustle

A desperate getaway takes Noah and his crew to the remote outpost of Sidewinder Station. But all is not what it seems, and they may never be able to leave…

Bad Chemistry

Completing the first story arc, Noah and his team try to finally deliver their holuvian passenger–and end up in a desperate fight for their lives.

Murder Metro

Coming Soon!


Jonathan Isaacs has crafted a superior work of its kind.

Amazon Reviewer

Character development is real good. On a comparable level to Kloos.

Amazon Reviewer

A great job weaving emerging technology with old-fashioned space adventure.

Amazon Reviewer

An intense, well thought out story with realistic (human) protagonists.

Amazon Reviewer

Gripping read right out of the gate. If you want action this is it!

Amazon Reviewer

A tremendous book. I’ve read a lot of space opera and this one’s one of the best.

Amazon Reviewer

This was a great story teller’s book and I instantly fell deep into the story line and characters.

Amazon Reviewer

As a career military officer I was impressed with his grasp of the interpersonal relationships so vital to success.

Amazon Reviewer





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About The Author

About The Author

I grew up in Maryland and was a science-fiction nut pretty much from Day One.  My favorite movie growing up was Clash of the Titans (the original one, in all of its stop-motion glory).  I used to catch frogs in my backyard and press gang them piloting my toy X-wing fighters.

Now I live in Texas and work in the software industry, usually either trying to fix stuff, or at least make it better if it ain’t quite broke.  Writing is my escape that takes me back to the simpler times of kiddom.  I’d love to take you along for the ride.  Join my Readers Group for a free sample, plus receive free stuff along the way.  Hope you like it!

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